Sunday, December 2, 2012

Family Christmas Bucket

Yes, I know I'm the worst blogger ever. I want to blog more. I really enjoy it. I just have a hard time actually making the time. Then when I go so long without writing, I find it difficult to even know where to start again, but I love the Holiday season so much, it has inspired me to try again in hopes that one of these days I'll be a good little blogger.

Our Thanksgiving time was wonderful! We had our annual friends Thanksgiving in our home, and we went to Indiana for a Thanksgiving and Christmas combined celebration. I love getting to spend quality time with my family. Seeing our little lady interact with her nana, papa, aunts, uncles and cousins brings my heart a lot of joy... and a lot of sadness when we have to say good-bye. I will always treasure the times we have together though.

On the Polar Express with Nana

Love those cousins!
What I really want to write about this time is our new Christmas tradition I am extremely excited about. We have created a Family Christmas Bucket. Starting December 1 through December 24, there is something to unwrap everyday that represents some sort of activity for us to do together as a family. Well, since Daddy has to go to work everyday, some days just the wee one and I will be doing the activity, but most days it's a family thing. Sometimes there is just an envelope to open with something written in it, and other days there is actually something to unwrap. (My goal is to do weekly updates on Sundays, but if you follow me on Instagram, you'll get some sneak peaks.)

December 1:
Yesterday was our first day. We woke up, got Little Lady all excited about the Christmas Bucket, and opened our first envelope, which told us that today was the day to "Bake and Decorate Christmas Cookies"! It was a long, but very fun, day! Matt and I have been baking and decorating cookies at Christmas since we got married, and I must admit that it is a lot different making, baking and icing cookies with a toddler. We finished all of them though, despite several cookie casualties, and smiles were worn by all.... at least most of the day. Next year will be even more interesting with a little man around too, but we will definitely do it again!

Excited to start making cookies!

Oh my sugar!

"Ta-Da! Cookies!"

December 2:
Our normal Sunday night tradition is to get pizza and watch a movie. Sometimes we have people over, other times it's just our family. Either way, I love getting some low-key, quality time in with our little family before another busy week begins. We have a little girl who is very, very into Mickey and Minne Mouse right now... so, what better movie to be the first one from the bucket to open than Mickey's Christmas Carol. Little Lady was extremely excited to open the little package and see Mickey Mouse on the box. She was a little disappointed Mickey and Minne weren't in every one of the short films, but all in all it was a very enjoyable evening for the Wagners.

Girl was glued!
We are also doing advent this year, because above all we want Jesus to be the center of our Christmas celebrations. I absolutely love everything that comes along with Christmas, but I definitely want my kids growing up knowing exactly why we get so excited and celebrate this wonderful holiday in the first place. We decided to use Truth in the Tinsel this year. Most of the activities are a bit advanced for a little one who's not even two yet, but we are still reading the scriptures and doing some coloring. Our hope is that at least maybe some if it will start to sink in even this year. In our attempted explanation of what we are going to be doing, Little Lady might now think that Baby Jesus is actually inside the little house we use for our advent calendar, but at least she knows there IS a Baby Jesus, right? Silly little girl. We will get there eventually.

I love getting to see Christmas through the eyes of a little one... always full of wonder and awe, with joy and excitement overflowing. She wakes up each morning and one of, if not the very first, things she starts talking about is our "Trismas Free". Everyday is just as exciting as the day before. I especially love getting to do little things that help make this season extra special, and I'm thankful for a husband that likes to do the same! Here's to a very Merry Christmastime!


  1. i tried to comment three times. sheesh. anyway, i said in the other comments that i just love your little family so much that i wish i could be one of your children. have a wonderful Christmastime, too. love ya.

    1. I thought I already replied but apparently not. Thanks for your encouragement! I'd love to be one of your kids too :)